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Dainik Jagran

Experiential learning is an interactive part of education where students interact and grasp the concepts well. This was experienced by students of of Mass Communication when they visited Publishing unit of Dainik Jagran, Haldwani on 7th September 2019. They saw how the newspaper is being printed in the unit. Students had a face to face conversation with the ediorial team of Dainik Jagran Haldwani.

Fashion Department

A discourse session was held for the students of Fashion and design department at GM textile studio on 20th and 21st of October, 2019. Dr. Jasminder Kaur was the key speaker who is an expert from textile industry. The session was filled with textile discussion and activities where each students was engaged and learnt additional techniques of designing. Students were very pleased, delighted and contend at the result of their own creativity after the workshop.

Discourse by
R.J. Naved-2019

A discourse session was held in Gyanarthi Media College on 18th May 2019, for the students of all departments. RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, who is known from his famous show “Mirchi Murga”, was invited as the key speaker. He shared his thoughts about the radio and media industry, his journey and career opportunities in the field of media and also had a Q&A session with the students, which was very helpful for the students.

Photography Discourse
and Excursion-2019

A photography discourse and excursion was organized for all the students of Gyanarthi Media College on 21st and 22nd April 2019. The session was conducted by Mr. Atul Hundoo, Chief Photographer, Dainik Jagran Group, Lucknow. The aim of the discourse was to let students have an insight and detailed understanding about the intricacies of photography. All the departments participated in the excursion and the tour turned out to be a successful event.

Lok Sabha TV visit 2018

A visit to the Lok Sabha, for the students of Mass Communication, was organized on 7th December 18, to have an insight and detailed knowledge of the work process of a news channel. Various departments of the news channel was toured during the visit students also participated in a talk show which gave them insights and knowledge about how a show is created and processed.

Comic Con
Visit 2018

A trip for the students of Mass Communication, Animation, Fashion and BFA was organized on 7th and 8th December 2018 to Comic con, Delhi which is a famous exhibition of comics & pop culture, held every year in 5 cities of India. Students visited the exhibition to get the insights of such kind of events which are constructive and fun at the same time.



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Students visiting a college for the first time carries lots of emotion as well a dilemma at the same time. A good number of questions like the environment, culture and nevertheless the outlook of the faculties do rise at the same time. But visiting Gyanarthi Media, College is an experience way apart. The entrance welcomes with a lush of fresh green and amazingly soothing bliss which plays the role of confident building which a person sure would feel have been injected in the cool breeze of the campus.

This feeling leads to a building which stands venerated with a lick of white, of which is attached a canteen. The teaching and the non-teaching staff stand way apart from the other college with regards to the attitude and care taking outlook. To sum up a place worth visit once and getting enrolled for quenching a person’s infinite quest for knowledge.



Life at Gyanarthi Media College doesn't stand still. Learning and development is not limited to the classroom. Here we encourage students to challenge themselves, cultivate new perspectives, and forge lasting friendships. Our student activities programs promote student involvement and offer both personal and academic support for student growth.


Gyanarthi Media College provides fully air conditioned class rooms and best infrastructure. Classrooms of Gyanarthi Media College are well equipped with computer and practice labs for both the courses. Gyanarthi Media College has three Seminar/Workshop halls for students where they can enhance their knowledge and give presentation.



Training and Development

Personality Development

Your personality plays one of the major roles in your success. We at Gyanarthi Media College, guide you to enhance and groom your inner and outer self to bring a positive change in your life.

French Classes

It is the second most widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Learning French can be an asset to you in future as it opens your doors for international opportunities and career prospects.

Personal Grooming

First impression is the last impression. People will buy what they will see, in this case, how you present yourself. Creating an everlasting first impression will take you places in your career. And we are here to help you groom yourself for better.


It is not just a hobby these days but over the time, it has become a profession with great commercial value. Training in the same helps you shine in the various fields like advertising, fashion, journalism, etc.


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