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Advance You Career with Gyanarthi Approach!

Gyanarthi Media College, located in the picturesque city of Kashipur, is an institution that is affiliated with the Kumaun University, Nainital. With an aim of making creative professions accessible for the students with an envisage of building a community of scholars driven by passion. The college is established in the Industrial City of Uttarakhand with an envision to empower the dreams of students while providing them with the best opportunities. We focus on amplifying the craft of our students in their respective domains as we continue to improvise on turning education journeys into an experience at the Gyanarthi Media College. Our diverse faculty works on a specifically curated curriculum to deliver results that outshine the present scenarios in the industry in locations near by.

Established in the year 2015, Gyanarthi Media College has always paced on the path to expand knowledge in domains of Mass Communication, Fashion Design, Animation, and Commerce with an edge of niche specific learning. The college has been strategically set in the city of Kashipur to intensify on the prime opportunities that the city brings forth as the Industrial Center of the State of Uttarakhand. Our Courses are affiliated with the Kumaun University in Nainital and have received recognition from the University Grants Commission. The Board of Directors and Faculty is hinged on building a valuable environment for the students where their creativity can grow as at Gyanarthi, imagination meets ingenuity!

So far, Gyanarthi has successfully placed its students across the nation by providing them with a skill-concentric learning experience. Students at Gyanarthi are constantly provided with insights from Industry Experts through the means of Workshops and Industrial Visits. Additionally, the teachers at Gyanarthi are keen on letting the students take ownership of their activities and events that are specific to their course curriculum. This helps the students build a structured experience in learning supported by practical implications which widens the range of their skills. More than 150 companies have visited the Gyanarthi Media College so far only to get impressed by the incredible body of work and cognizance that our students display and further offer them a placement. Firms such as Reliance, NEWS15, IIM Kashipur, ABPL News, The Social Management, and many others have added our students to their valuable teams!

Why is Gyanarthi the Best Option for you?

Gyanarthi Media College has proved to be one of the best colleges in Kashipur for fields of Animation, Design, Mass Communication, and Commerce. Our expert faculty is supported by industry specific curriculum and standard equipment which helps the students gain all kinds of insight into their fields.


Expert Faculty

The faculty at Gyanarthi Media College bring forward eclectic knowledge and comprehends the needs of each students very carefully in order to provide them with the best education.


Modern Infrastructure

The College is built widely in the city of Kashipur, equipped with all facilities to compose a state of the art infrastructure that expands beyond the realms of basic education.


Industrial Specifications

Gyanarthi Media College is the first in the city of Kashipur to offer specializations in fields such as Taxation, Banking and Finance, International Business, and Financial Accounting in B Com.


Workshops and Visits

Students at Gyanarthi are offered with the most insightful educative experience. The college offers constant workshops by Industrial Experts and Visits to real time work spaces for competent study.

Course 1

Education Meets Expertise

Gyanarthi Media College is a space where education meets expertise. Our Expert Faculty devises a curriculum for students that is highly personalized and specific. Teaching Methods at Gyanarthi are more about practical implications rather than theoretical practices. Teachers at Gyanarthi understand the particular requisites of the students and accordingly devise strategies to help them conceive the concepts. The relevant problems and solutions are backed by strong conceptual clearance which reflects strong educative values.

Students at Gyanarthi are prepared to work at enterprises that are best in the respective industries. They are accordingly provided with education that supports this envision. The teachers are more inclined towards making learning insightful yet enjoyable. This is what sets Gyanarthi apart from all the other places of education. The college becomes home for students!

Education that Extends beyond Basics!

The specializations at Gyanarthi are very specific. Each industrial stream has been introduced into the courses with an intent of integrating excellence with education. Basic degrees impart knowledge but specific degrees impart skills. We aim at turning our students into professionals. The courses offered at the Gyanarthi Media College are not only traditionally educative but also modernly paced to ensure that the students get the best of the both worlds!

Gyanarthi's Bachelor in Commerce Degrees offer specialized tracks in International Business, providing students with the essential skills to navigate the complexities of global markets. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students gain a deep understanding of international trade, finance, and management, preparing them to excel in a rapidly evolving global economy. From analyzing market trends to devising strategic business plans, students develop the expertise needed to thrive in cross-border environments. Moreover, Gyanarthi's International Business Specializations emphasize cultural fluency and cross-cultural communication, enabling students to effectively engage with diverse stakeholders from around the world. By fostering a global mindset and promoting intercultural understanding, the program equips graduates with the knowledge and tools to build meaningful connections across borders. With a focus on practical learning and real-world applications, Gyanarthi empowers students to become confident, ethical, and socially responsible leaders in the international business arena.